Rich Food Combinations

Food combining (also known as trophology) is a nutritional approach that supports specific combinations of foods for good health and better nutrition. Combining just one food to another can make a tremendous difference in your total nutrient intake and offer significant health benefits ranging from stronger bones and better eyesight to a healthier heart, improved immunity and losing weight.

So it is vital to know whether the given combination of food items is appropriate or not.

  Almonds and Yogurt

Vitamins A, D and E are considered to be fat soluble. Almond is rich in vitamin E and yogurt is rich in Vitamin D making it an ideal combination for weight watchers. In addition, the combination of almonds in yogurt boosts lycopene absorption.

  Eggs & Melon

The most popular breakfast protein works even better when you eat it with the good carbohydrates in form of melons. Protein slows the absorption of glucose from carbohydrates. The synergy of eating protein with appropriate carbohydrates reduces insulin and sugar levels, thus reducing the risk of diabetes, cancer and inflammations.

 Lemon & Green Tea

Green tea is a rich source of powerful antioxidants called catechins, that help improve the heart's health but only about 20 per cent of these compounds are absorbed by the human body. However studies have proved that adding lemon juice to green tea increases the catechins absorption level to 80 per cent.

 Broccoli & Tomatoes

Both are individually known to have cancer-fighting properties, but research has shown that together they are the Hulk of cancer fighting foods. Scientists found consuming tomato and broccoli at the same time was more effective at slowing the growth of cancerous prostate tumours than eating either vegetable alone.

 Burger /Sandwich + ketchup

A tablespoon of ketchup supplies you a healthful dose of lycopene, an antioxidant that fights against various forms of cancer by blocking cell-damaging free radicals. Eating processed tomatoes (such as those in ketchup and tomato sauce) is best as cooking releases lycopene inside the plant cells, making it easier to digest and absorb.

 Apples & Chocolate/grapes

Apples are known to be high in an anti-inflammatory flavonoid called quercetin which has been known to reduce the risk of allergies, heart attack, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and prostate and lung cancers. Chocolate and grapes on the other hand contain the flavonoid catechin, an antioxidant that reduces the risks for atherosclerosis and cancer. Together, according to a study catechins and quercetin loosen clumpy blood platelets, improving cardiovascular health and providing anticoagulant activity.

 Turmeric & Black Pepper

Turmeric has long been known for its anticancer properties, anti-inflammatory effects, and tumour-fighting activities due to active agent called curcumin. One of the problems with using turmeric to improve your health is its low bioavailability when eaten on its own. But adding black pepper to turmeric or turmeric-spiced food enhances curcumin's bioavailability by 1,000 times, due to black pepper's hot property called piperine.