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Should cooking oil be reused?

cooking oil

No, as already-used cooking oil contains trans-fats and other cancer causing carcinogens. A study in 2005 found that a toxin called 4-hydroxy-trans-2-nonenal (HNE) forms when cooking oils are reheated and has been associated with increased risks of stroke, Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s disease and other health problems.

Which are the good and healthy fats for body?

Basically, there are two groups of fats : Saturated and Unsaturated.

Good Fats are the unsaturated fats. Unsaturated fats include polyunsaturated fatty acids and monounsaturated fats.
Bad Fats are the saturated and trans fatty acids.

Saturated Fats
or trans fatty acids
Meat, lunchmeat
Poultry, poultry skin
Coconut products
Palm oil, palm kernel oil and products
Dairy foods (other than skim)
Partially hydrogenated oils
Corn oil
Fish oils
Soybean oil
Safflower oil
Sesame oil
Cottonseed oil
Sunflower oil
Nuts and
Canola oil
Almond oil
Walnut oil
Olive oil
Peanut oil

Ques : How many calories does an egg contain?

eggsA large boiled egg contains 78 calories and 5.3 grams of fat, of which 1.6 grams are saturated. Boiled eggs are more nutritious than other types of eggs because they are cooked without oil or butter, which adds additional calories and fat to the finished product. In comparison, one large fried egg contains 90 calories and 6.83 grams of fat, of which 2 grams are saturated. A large scrambled egg contains 91 calories and 6.7 grams of fat, of which 2 grams are saturated.

What are the benefits and side effects of Jaggery?

Benefits of jaggery are :

  • Sweetening Agent :- The first benefit of jaggery is that it is a colorful, taste explosion when consumed, and secondly, it is a sweetener.
  • Energy Food :- Jaggery is a more complex form of carbohydrate than plain sugar. When we eat jaggery, it is digested and absorbed gradually and releases energy over an extended period of time. This can provide energy for a more extended period without harming the internal organs. Whereas sugar being simpler carbohydrate is absorbed in the blood stream almost instantaneously to fill them with a sudden burst of energy. This sudden uplift may cause severe damage to kidneys and eyes, can raise blood pressure, and create a number of other problems in the related organ systems.
  • Cleansing Agent :- Jaggery effectively cleans the respiratory tracts, lungs, food pipe, stomach and intestines. It pulls out dust and unwanted particles from the body, while also giving relief from constipation, perhaps due to presence of fiber in it.
  • Digestive Agent :- Jaggery activates the digestive enzymes and itself changes to acetic acid in the stomach, thereby speeding up digestion and making the process go very smooth, reducing strain on the intestines and digestive tract.
  • Sources of Minerals :- Unlike sugar jaggery is rich in minerals, mainly iron with traces of other mineral salts.
Side effects of Jaggery are :

  • Long term use, in high dose may cause weight gain.
  • It is not recommended in diabetes.
  • Jaggery use, continuously for a long period of time may cause intestinal worm infestation.

Ques : How many calories do Khichdi, Dalia and Poha contain?

Vegetable Dalia
1 bowl(120 gm)
1 bowl(120 gm)
1 bowl(120 gm)